Palaeontologist Jon Tennant discusses the reasons behind dinosaurs' colossal size.
As the days shorten and the temperatures drop, it's the ideal time to curl with a good book, whether in front of a fire or under a tree. Check out our guide to the latest wildlife books.
Naturalist and author Amy-Jane Beer discusses the science behind snail slime.
Naturalist and author Polly Pullar discusses the nesting patterns of golden eagles.
Komodo dragons inspired legends of fire-breathing monsters and, as Mark Eveleigh discovered, the trust is almost as strange as the fiction. 
A sanctuary in Thailand is rehabilitating captive elephants with the aim of returning them to the wild. BBC Wildlife's Richard Eccleston reports on the project.
Barbary macaques are thriving on the Rock of Gibraltar. But is there enough space for both people and monkeys?
Seen from below, the white bellies of lemon sharks help them to disappear in bri
Lemon sharks have personalities, make friends, use body language and learn tricks. They’re forcing us to rethink how we see big sharks, says Helen Scales.
Woman reading outside by a river
Whether you're swinging in a hammock in the shade, or stretched out in the summer sunshine, disappear into a great book this summer, with our guide to the latest wildlife books.
House martins build their nests from mud
Discover the different ways that mud can be used by wildlife. 
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