Naturalist and author Amy-Jane Beer discusses the science behind snail slime.
Cuckoo bumblebee
BBC Wildlife contributer Richard Jones discusses these imposters.
A female Leiobunum rotundum harvestman
BBC Wildlife contributor Richard Jones answers your wild question. 
Greenbottle fly
Entomologist Richard Jones demystifies a well-known saying.
Dragonfly larva
Genevieve Dalley from the British Dragonfly Society analyses how dragonfly larvae catch their food.
Common whelk
Q&A editor Sarah McPherson uncovers the mystery of a common beach find. 
Your wild question answered by entomologist Richard Jones.
Green Hairstreak butterfly
Green butterflies (and moths) are rare across the globe, but why? Entomologist, and BBC Wildlife contributor, Richard Jones answers your wild question.
Mullein moth caterpillar
Zoologist and author Jules Howard answers your wild question.
Mosquito biting human finger
Entomologist Richard Jones answers your wild question. 
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