Your wild question answered by entomologist Richard Jones.
Green Hairstreak butterfly
Green butterflies (and moths) are rare across the globe, but why? Entomologist, and BBC Wildlife contributor, Richard Jones answers your wild question.
Mullein moth caterpillar
Zoologist and author Jules Howard answers your wild question.
Mosquito biting human finger
Entomologist Richard Jones answers your wild question. 
Cockchafers (or Maybugs) are coming to lit windows near you. Look out for their distinctive, fan-shaped antennae.
Ladybird huddle
Entomologist Richard Jones answers your wild question.
It can, and not just by using camouflage or warning colours, either.
Common darter dragonfly
Could these airborne predators deliver a nasty nip?
Vampire bat
Aside from mosquitoes, which creatures feed on blood?
Pholcus phalangioides
Discover 8 fascinating facts about the Buglife October Invertebrate of the Month. 
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