Researchers measuring vibrational pulses in honeybees
Every few seconds a honeybee hive will let out a little ‘whoop’.
White-tailed bumblebee
Study finds that controversial pesticides may be harming the ability of bumblebees to buzz
Hummingbird hawkmoth by Chris Shields
Get out this summer to hone your pollinator spotting skills with this BBC Wildlife poster. 
Viper's bugloss
Attract pollinators to your wildlife garden with these plants. 
Discover how you can help solitary bees and make your garden a haven for these important pollinators. 
Bee swarm
Ben Hoare explains the biology of this imposing summer spectacle.
Bumblebee feeding on lavender.
Bumblebee expert Richard Comont tells you everything you need to know about these social bees. 
White tailed bumblebee
White-tailed or buff-tailed? Our guide will help you recognise 12 early-emerging bee species - many of which are common in gardens.
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