conservation news

The Cape pangolin is one of the four species of pangolin found in Africa
‘Scaly anteaters’ face severe threat, according to a new study
Kidman the cuckoo was fitted with a 2g satellite tag at the end of May 2017
BBC Wildlife Magazine has christened a cuckoo that has been tagged by the BTO.
A pair of swallowtail caterpillars feeding on milk parsley
Thieves snatch protected plants and insects from an important nature reserve. 
Sir David Attenborough is asking people to take part in the Big Butterfly Count
The conservationist is calling on people in the UK to take part in the Big Butterfly Count. 
Ullswater is the second largest lake in the Lake District
The national park has been awarded the status of a Unesco World Heritage site.
Site of poisoned vultures and elephant carcass
A huge number of white backed vultures were reported dead after feeding on an elephant carcass in Zimbabwe.
7.2 tonnes of ivory tusk
Customs officers in Hong Kong have seized 7.2 tonnes of ivory tusks hidden beneath frozen fish. 
Entomologists celebrate the first UK record of a beetle species in 21 years.
The Polynesian ground-dove was once widespread in the Pacific
Removal of non-native animals has allowed birds to thrive on remote islands. 
Cornish beaver among lily pads in its new home
After being hunted to extinction in the UK 400 years ago, beavers are back in Cornwall. 
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