conservation news

Cheetah on a termite mound in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Recent evidence from a study in South Africa prompts a need to elevate the cheetah’s status to Endangered.
Puffin on the Farne Islands
Citizen science provides new information on puffin declines in the UK
The new 'Big Bird'
Scientists observe the development of a new bird species for the first time.
Ingenious trick helps repair the damaged wing of a tawny owl.
Wandering albatross on Bird Island in South Georgia
A new long-term study sheds light on potential threats to these long-lived birds.
The hazel dormouse could have its genome sequence, if it wins the public vote
The public are being asked to decide which UK species should have their genomes sequenced.
There are now three species of orangutan
Meet your newest relative – the Tapanuli orangutan. And it’s already endangered, writes Richard Smyth.
There is herd of Père David's deer at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
Scientists discover the heritage of Père David’s deer using antique museum specimens.
A dead immature grey seal
Heartbreak for conservationists as two thirds of pups lost from Welsh island. 
Garden bird feeders could be changing the morphology of British great tits
British great tits may have evolved longer beaks thanks to garden birdfeeders.
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