African wild dogs
Zoologist Daniella Rabaiotti explains how African wild dogs tackle their prey. 
Jaguars are one of the cat species being tracked by the dogs
Sniffer dogs are tracking the movements of wild felines.
Grey wolf in Norway
The Norwegian Government will cull four of its wolf packs.
Timber wolves (a subspecies of grey wolf) in Germany (captive animals)
BBC Wildlife contributor Stephen Mills answers your wild question.
The Wolf Within feature, BBC Wildlife, February 2014.
Presenter Chris Packham reveals what he has learnt from observing his poodles. 
Hunting Ethiopian wolf.
An inspiring gallery documenting the lives of the the world's rarest canid, the Ethiopian wolf and its struggle for survival. 
© Neil Aldridge
In 2008, wildlife photographer Neil Aldridge embarked on a project to celebrate the African wild dog, explore the reasons behind the species' decline and champion the efforts being made to secure its future. 
A red fox in the snow in Abashiri Shiretoko National Park
Sociality, adaptability, loyalty: the traits that endear dogs to us also underpin the extraordinary success of their wild cousins. Steve Harris reveals how canids rose to global domination.
A black-backed jackal in the grassland of the Masai Mara National Reserve
In the jackal’s world, mum and dad stay together for life and their offspring are always eager to help. Patricia Moehlman can’t help but admire these amazing animals.
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