A male white-faced mason bee
Conservationists are asking the public to look out for an under recorded species.
The dronefly, Eristalis tenax, was one of the the hoverfly species studied
New study shows the fates of these pollinating insects may be closely linked.
White-letter hairstreak egg at Lennel
A declining butterfly could now be breeding in Scotland for the first time in over 130 years.
New research shows that yellow meadow ants have created nearly half a million anthills in Richmond Park.
Greenbottle fly
Entomologist Richard Jones demystifies a well-known saying.
White ermine moth
Like a moth to the flame … or street lamp. The darker truth to urban light pollution emerges.
The solitary bee species has been added to the British list of bees
However, it seems that the species has actually been in Britain for a couple of hundred years.
Dragonfly larva
Genevieve Dalley from the British Dragonfly Society analyses how dragonfly larvae catch their food.
Orchid cuckoo bee
Levon Biss' photographic study of insects in mind-blowing magnification.
Soldier beetle
A new study has revealed a loss of 76 per cent of airborne insects in 27 years.
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