Meet the adorable members of the otter family from around the world.
A Eurasian otter eating an eel in Northumberland
An item on on BBC One's Countryfile in early 2017 suggested there is growing pressure from anglers to cull otters, but Dr Daniel Allen of the UK Wild Otter Trust disagrees.
Daffi the otter cub
The young otter was found by the side of a Derbyshire river calling for her mum, and was rescued by the RSPCA. 
Reconstruction of fossil otter in its paleohabitat.
Researchers have found a complete fossilised skull of an otter thought to have lived around 6.24 million years ago.  
Environmental writer Isabelle Groc answers your wild questions. 
European otter
American mink have spread rapidly across Britain since they first escaped from fur farms 50 years ago. Now firmly established along rivers and lakes, these newcomers can easily be mistaken for otters, since both are long and slender with short legs and long tails. So how do you tell them apart? 
Eurasian otter
Animal geographer Daniel Allen answers your wild question. 
Otter on Shetland
Discover fascinating facts about otters. 
Mouth open in a snarl, the otter attacked its much larger foe.
Wildlife photographer Max Waugh was surprised to capture this rare encounter between a North American river otter and a coyote on camera. In a surprise attack, the otter chased off its larger foe, who seemed to be just as surprised as the cameraman.
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