A new study has discovered a potential reason why whale sharks congregate in colossal numbers at just a handful of global locations.
Hammerhead shark
Science writer Liz Kalaugher analyses the unmistakable hammerhead shark.
Basking shark
BBC Wildlife contributor Cat Gordon from The Shark Trust talk about sharks around Britain. 
Scalloped hammerhead shark
Cat Gordon from The Shark Trust answers your wild question.
Whale shark
Discover more about the incredible diversity of sharks of the volanic archipelago.
Great white
Researchers suggest that Jaws, and even nature documentaries, may have a lot to answer for when it comes to shark conservation. 
Greenland shark
The mystery of the lifespan of Greenland sharks has finally been unveiled thanks to new research. 
Whale shark
Top photographers and experts reveal their most incredible underwater encounters and explain how you can experience them for yourself.
Blue shark
New study reveals that sharks and fishing vessels visit the same locations in the North Atlantic.
Shortfin mako shark
Proposals to eliminate shark finning in the Atlantic gain support.
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