Grey squirrel
They may be one of the most common garden critters in the UK, but squirrels are remarkable rodents. Here are ten things you need to know about these bushy-tailed acrobrats.
Look out for bottlenose dolphins
Ferry travel can be an easy and convenient way to get to your holiday destination - offering ample leisure time during the journey and the chance to hopefully spot some wonderful wildlife! 
Small tortoiseshell butterfly
BBC Wildlife contributer Richard Jones explains this aggressive butterfly behaviour.
Canada goose
BBC Wildlife contributor Mike Toms discusses moult migration.
Hiccups help tadpoles to transition into frogs
Science writer Stuart Blackman answers your wild question.
Cuckoo bumblebee
BBC Wildlife contributer Richard Jones discusses these imposters.
Honey bee
BBC Wildlife Q&A editor Sarah McPherson discusses whether other animals can be conscientious.
Cheetah family
BBC Wildlife's Q&A editor Sarah McPherson discusses cheetah spots. 
Capsicum annuum
BBC Wildlife contributer Christina Harrison talks chillies.
View the winning images from the British Ecological Society's annual photo contest.
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